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“American is a character-driven drama which packs quite an emotional punch... Kudos to George Takei for this labor of love doubling as a very timely teachable moment about racial tolerance.”

Excellent (4 Stars)

Kam Williams, Rotten Tomatoes

“A compelling and deeply touching story of an American tragedy, and an outrage too long suppressed. George Takei gives a marvelous performance.”


“…a living resource for young and old about World War II and the internment camps. American is a patriotic movie that calls out the tragic mistake we foisted upon our own citizens out of fear and racism.”

Alan NG, Film Threat

“American raises far more provocative issues than can be addressed. But perhaps that's the point - to stimulate curiosity, speculation and intense conversation - as to what exactly is the definition of American, in these troubling and turbulent times.”

Prairie Miller, Rotten Tomatoes

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